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Cada Falso


Open Door

Still about Jorge Amado’s exhibition (I’m working as art educator in this exhibition), here’s a little idea of one of my favourite works.  There’s a wall filled with dendê oil – a typical element of Bahia’s culinary – we can say it’s “a sea of dendê”.  Right next to it there’s a door opened.  Now my question is: is the door a painting, or is it showing a beautifull view of the Bay?



The images bellow show where the inspiration came from.  This is an image captured from Jorge Amado’s exhibition, which is giving me so much food for thought and art !

Mermaid with Trident

In the exhibition about Jorge Amado, an important brazilian literature writer, one can find various representations of this mytical orisha world.  There’s a part destined to all of his translated books, and one specifically about the novel Dead Sea (Mar Morto).  This is a masterpiece when it comes to Yemanja and her relationship with the people from the shore of Bahia.  I find this book cover interesting because there is no verbal information; there’s only the presence of this mermaid, which is black and white, and is holding a trident.